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August 19, 2013
19 Aug 2013

Raspberry Plain Leesburg wedding : Leo & Lisa

Leo and Lisa are in love and you can’t tell me otherwise. You’ll see that in every photo. Ever since I met with Leo and Lisa I knew that their wedding was going to be fun. Leo is about the most outgoing, kind, and fun person you could meet. Lisa is about the most compassionate, kind, and lovely woman you could meet. She left her job at one of the largest internet companies in the country to become a caretaker for a young lady with special needs. Leo, you married up my friend and you’re in good company. Present company included. Congratulations Leo & Lisa. Here are a few sneak peek photos from their Raspberry Plain Leesburg wedding.

The Wedding Team

Coordinator:  Maria Guerra from Raspberry Plain 703.777.1888
Catering: Nicole from The Chef’s Table
DJ: Rex Anderson from Absolute Entertainment 410.761.1212
Photography: Garrett & Lexey of GH Studios 202.316.2676

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