Joey & Colleen: A Virginia vineyard wedding at Bluemont Vineyard

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Joey & Colleen’s rustic Virginia vineyard wedding at Bluemont Vineyards was beautiful. One of my favorite parts about being a wedding storyteller is seeing how excited my clients are on their wedding day. What was really special about these two was what I saw before their wedding day. I saw this immediately when I got together with the two of them to learn more about what was important to them about their wedding day and to see if I could help them tell their story. I can still remember the smile on Joey’s face as he prepared to tell me the story about how he proposed. But it didn’t stop there. For the rest of that meeting every time he looked over at his bride-to-be and caught her eyes his face would light up and so would hers. This joy and excitement only increased on their wedding day and we had a lot of fun bringing in each of their personalities into their photos. Some of my favorites include their big smiles during their first look, Colleen’s cowboy boots, and any photo of the groom cherishing his bride. I’ve photographed weddings at Bluemont Vineyards several times and like the journalist that I am, I’ve got contacts who have invited me to photograph by their beautiful red barn and others on their open field nearby.

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