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August 19, 2013
19 Aug 2013

Raspberry Plain Leesburg wedding : Leo & Lisa

Leo and Lisa are in love and you can’t tell me otherwise. You’ll see that in every photo. Ever since I met with Leo and Lisa I knew that their wedding was going to be fun. Leo is about the most outgoing, kind, and fun person you could meet. Lisa is about the most compassionate, kind, and lovely woman you could meet. She left her job at one of the largest internet companies in the country to become a caretaker for a young lady with special needs. Leo, you married up my friend and you’re in good company. Present company included. Congratulations Leo & Lisa. Here are a few sneak peek photos from their Raspberry Plain Leesburg wedding.

The Wedding Team

Coordinator:  Maria Guerra from Raspberry Plain 703.777.1888
Catering: Nicole from The Chef’s Table
DJ: Rex Anderson from Absolute Entertainment 410.761.1212
Photography: Garrett & Lexey of GH Studios 202.316.2676

02_Leo and Lisa 03_Leo and Lisa 04_Leo and Lisa 05_Leo and Lisa 06_Leo and Lisa 07_Leo and Lisa 08_Leo and Lisa 09_Leo and Lisa 10_Leo and Lisa 11_Leo and Lisa 12_Leo and Lisa 13_Leo and Lisa 14_Leo and Lisa 15_Leo and Lisa 16_Leo and Lisa 17_Leo and Lisa 18_Leo and Lisa 19_Leo and Lisa 20_Leo and Lisa 21_Leo and Lisa 22_Leo and Lisa 23_Leo and Lisa 24_Leo and Lisa 25_Leo and Lisa 26_Leo and Lisa

June 24, 2013
24 Jun 2013

DC Greek Wedding Photos: Demetrios and Angela’s Saint Sophia and Fairmont Hotel Greek Wedding

Tradition, elegance, and did I mention tradition? Demetrios and Angela’s Greek wedding celebration was full of ornate details, color, and life.  The ceremony at Saint Sophia Greek Orthodox Church was gorgeous. If you’ve never been to a Greek Orthodox wedding ceremony, then do yourself a favor and befriend some Greeks! Part of my family is from Cyprus so I’ve gotten to experience the vibrancy, personality, and life of Greek culture first-hand. Their wedding was celebrated at one of our favorite venues, The Fairmont Hotel which somehow managed to contain non-stop Greek dancing, music, and money dances! I think a Greek wedding might be the only place where everyone can dance on all that money without blinking an eye.

Congratulations Demetrios and Angela! Thank you for inviting us to tell your wedding story.

The Wedding Team

Planner:  Melissa Torres from Bond Events 646.932.4532
Catering: Mark Medrick at The Fairmont Hotel 202 429 2400
Music: Nikos Koutras Entertainment 718.607.7969
Flowers: Floral Impressions 410.668.7442
Video: Thomas Bowen Films 301.294.5300
Photo Booth:  GH Studios 202.316.2676
Photography: GH Studios 202.316.2676

01 DC greek wedding photos 03 DC greek wedding photos 02 DC greek wedding photos 05 DC greek wedding photos 04 DC greek wedding photos 07 DC greek wedding photos 06 DC greek wedding photos 08 DC greek wedding photos   11 DC greek wedding photos10 DC greek wedding photos 13 DC greek wedding photos 17 DC greek wedding photos 15 DC greek wedding photos 19 DC greek wedding photos 18 DC greek wedding photos 21 DC greek wedding photos 30 DC greek wedding photos 22 DC greek wedding photos 32 DC greek wedding photos 35 DC greek wedding photos 34 DC greek wedding photos  36 DC greek wedding photos 29 DC greek wedding photos37 DC greek wedding photos 24 DC greek wedding photos 23 DC greek wedding photos 26 DC greek wedding photos 27 DC greek wedding photos 28 DC greek wedding photos 25 DC greek wedding photos

DC Greek wedding

June 18, 2013
18 Jun 2013

DC Wedding Photos: Chris & Jessica’s Georgetown Dahlgren Chapel and Anderson House Wedding

Georgetown University roots run deep. Half of the wedding party were Alumni as well as some of their parents. The other half of the wedding party were doctors which lead to some interesting discussions before the wedding. But, back to Jessica and Chris and 130 of their closest friends. They married at Dahlgren Chapel at Georgetown University and their reception was held at the always elegant Anderson House. We made sure to take wedding photos at Heally Hall, Copley Hall, and of course the ladies spent some time in the fountain. From Jessica’s ornate dress to the bow ties and cuff-links you will see their roaring 20’s theme throughout. Dare I say that some of the photo booth props we brought were from the 20’s?

Congratulations Chris and Jessica! Thank you for inviting us to tell your wedding story.

The Wedding Team

Planner:        Amanda McCabe from Engaging Affairs 703.408.1651
Catering:      Madeline Monette from Well Dunn Catering 202.543.7878
Music:          To the Max. Mark Owens from East Coast Entertainment 202.537.0227
Flowers:       Matt Aspey of To the 9’s Floral Designs 301.663.9090
Cake:            Pastries by Randolph 703.243.0070
Favors:        Georgetown Cupcakes 202-333-8448
Photo Booth: GH Studios 202.316.2676
Photography: Garrett Hubbard and Greg Kahn GH Studios 202.316.2676

Also, check out their engagement photos from earlier this year.






























Georgetown-Anderson-House-DC-Wedding_25 Georgetown-Anderson-House-DC-Wedding_26





Dahlgren Chapel Wedding photos. Anderson House Wedding photos.

April 17, 2013
17 Apr 2013

DC Engagement Photos: Chris and Jessica.

Chris and Jessica’s sunrise engagement session at the tidal basin was another super early morning where it paid off to sacrifice my beauty rest for the sake of great light. We made the rounds at the tidal basin and The Jefferson Memorial. So when the garbage crew parked their truck in the background of our photos we turned the problem into the solution–a garbage glam session. I love it when my clients are willing laugh at the serendipity of life with me. I’m really looking forward to their wedding at Dahlgren Chapel at Georgetown University with their reception at The Anderson House. It will be a lot of fun to capture their roaring 20’s theme.



dc_engagement_photos_05A dc_engagement_photos_03A dc_engagement_photos_02A dc_engagement_photos_06A dc_engagement_photos_01A
Many thanks to Jessica’s wonderful dad Jay for capturing a photo of me lying down on the job!

Garrett working during engagement Jefferson memorial

DC Engagement Photos


April 9, 2013
09 Apr 2013

DC Engagement photos: Jason and Anna

Fact: Spring arrived fashionably late for 2013.

Fact: The Cherry Blossoms followed suit.

Fact: You can’t take a bad photo of Jason and Anna.

The Cherry blossoms are finally at peak after at least a 10-day delay. So get out there in the next few days to take in the sights. Hopefully they will withstand Thursday’s predicted rain so I can capture them in my next session this weekend with Chris and Jessica.

cherry-blossom-engagement-photos-03cherry-blossom-engagement-photos-04tidal-basin-engagement-photos-01 tidal-basin-engagement-photos-02  cherry-blossom-engagement-photos-06 cherry-blossom-engagement-photos-05
DC engagement photos

April 8, 2013
08 Apr 2013

DC Engagement pictures: Brad and Katie

Sometimes when you wake up for a sunrise shoot and you get clouds. When life throws you lemons you bring the sweetener so you can enjoy some lemonade. Some prefer sugar, I prefer a big pretty light to sweeten the deal. Thankfully the sun made an appearance about 30 minutes after sunrise. I can’t wait to shoot Brad & Katie’s wedding in August. middleburg-engagement-photos-01 middleburg-engagement-photos-02 middleburg-engagement-photos-03 middleburg-engagement-photos-04 middleburg-engagement-photos-05

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