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August 19, 2013
19 Aug 2013

Raspberry Plain Leesburg wedding : Leo & Lisa

Leo and Lisa are in love and you can’t tell me otherwise. You’ll see that in every photo. Ever since I met with Leo and Lisa I knew that their wedding was going to be fun. Leo is about the most outgoing, kind, and fun person you could meet. Lisa is about the most compassionate, kind, and lovely woman you could meet. She left her job at one of the largest internet companies in the country to become a caretaker for a young lady with special needs. Leo, you married up my friend and you’re in good company. Present company included. Congratulations Leo & Lisa. Here are a few sneak peek photos from their Raspberry Plain Leesburg wedding.

The Wedding Team

Coordinator:  Maria Guerra from Raspberry Plain 703.777.1888
Catering: Nicole from The Chef’s Table
DJ: Rex Anderson from Absolute Entertainment 410.761.1212
Photography: Garrett & Lexey of GH Studios 202.316.2676

02_Leo and Lisa 03_Leo and Lisa 04_Leo and Lisa 05_Leo and Lisa 06_Leo and Lisa 07_Leo and Lisa 08_Leo and Lisa 09_Leo and Lisa 10_Leo and Lisa 11_Leo and Lisa 12_Leo and Lisa 13_Leo and Lisa 14_Leo and Lisa 15_Leo and Lisa 16_Leo and Lisa 17_Leo and Lisa 18_Leo and Lisa 19_Leo and Lisa 20_Leo and Lisa 21_Leo and Lisa 22_Leo and Lisa 23_Leo and Lisa 24_Leo and Lisa 25_Leo and Lisa 26_Leo and Lisa

June 30, 2012
30 Jun 2012

The thunder after the heat-wave

June thunderstorm from Garrett Hubbard on Vimeo.
This is the wild storm we’re having right now in the Washington, D.C. area.

April 1, 2011
01 Apr 2011

Tips from G: It’s ALL about the DIRECTION of the light!

Hello, my name is Garrett and I am a light snob.

(This is the part where everyone says “hello Garrett” in a monotone chorus)

I start with a confession because sometimes it seems like the light controls me. Have you ever heard a photographer say “that light was awesome” or “I’m waiting until the light is better” or possibly “let’s shoot it at golden hour”? Well, if you’ve ever hung out with me then the answer is a resounding YES! I am always thinking about light. Whether that be while I am telling a wedding story or if I’m out on a walk with my wife and want to grab a quick photo. Why are we as photographers so fixated on light? Well, because this art is ALL about it. The word “photography” in the Greek comes from photo which means light, and graphy which means draw. So when we take photos we are literally drawing with light. Or as I prefer to say, “writing with light.” If you’re at all like me, you want to tell stories with your photographs. Light is one of the most important tools to tell these stories.

I’ll bet you can guess which time of day this photo of Jeremy and Meghan was taken. If you said “sunset” then you’d be close, if you said “sunrise” then you’d be correct. Surprised that it can be difficult to tell the difference?

Believe it or not there are six qualities of light that define the way light appears to your eye. I’m not going to bore you with all of them but I do want to focus in on one today and that is “direction.” The direction means exactly what you would expect it to mean. What is the angle of the light source as it hits the subject. The shadows can be the bread crumbs that lead you back toward the light source. Is the light coming from above? Think 2 p.m. on a sunny day. Is it coming from the side? Think sunrise or sunset. Is it coming from the camera? Think on-camera flash. Is the light coming from everywhere? Think overcast day. Is it coming from below? Think, well, I’m not sure about that one. But it could and has happened! In the studio at least.

One direction is not inherently better than the other because each one says something different. However, light coming from the side is generally much more pleasing, like during a sunset (there are a few other qualities of light in play here, but I’ll save that for another time). This is precisely why you will almost never see me photograph outside in the middle of the day. If it were up to me, I would do my sunny day outdoor shooting on the following schedule.
30 minutes before sunrise to 90-minutes afterward.

Eat breakfast

Look at my photos and see what else I want to capture

Eat lunch


Afternoon tea

90-minutes before sunset to the 30-minutes afterward

When the sun is low on the horizon during sunrise and sunset you can choose to illuminate the whole face, part of a face (see Jeremy & Meghan’s photo above), or use shadows to create a silhouette. Here are a few examples of me taking advantage of the direction of the almost horizontal light while shooting during sunrise and sunset.

Nate shortly before he gets married in Cabo San Lucas. This is about 90 minutes before sunset. I utilized this sideways light and caught him in a shaft of light which is why everything else behind him is dark.

TIP: If you don’t have manual control, you’ll need to know how to adjust your exposure compensation on your camera for this. You’ll want to adjust it -1 or maybe even -1 2/3.

Otherwise your camera will be fooled by all the dark area and brighten the exposure. Overexposure is a bad thing! Shooting digital is a lot like shooting Provia or Velvia. Errr, slide film. You shoot for the highlights. This means you don’t want to overexpose and you let the shadows fall where they will. Whether they be dark or completely black, often I don’t care because keeping the whites to have detail is so important for digital images.

Early morning light with Jeremy and Meghan. Notice how Meghan’s face is completely illuminated and Jeremy has some nice Rembrandt lighting.

TIP: When shooting during sunrise or sunset and set your digital camera’s white balance to “daylight.” Which is usually a shining sun icon. This will force your camera to capture the colors as they truly are. I’ll have to discuss “COLOR” later. It is also one of this six qualities of light.

Most digital camera’s default to Auto White Balance or “AWB” and adjust the color of the light for you. The problem with most camera’s auto white balance calculations is that they suck the life out of your photo. The camera senses that warmness, and golden goodness, and freaks out (Yes. Panic in your camera. It’s a terrible thing for your camera’s computer to go through. OK, that whole last section was a joke) because there is so much yellow. It then compensates and usually adds some blue so the light is nice and white. So stop letting your camera determine the color for you in this situation because it’s tired of panicking and you want the warm color!

The light kissing just the top part of Samantha’s face moments before sunset. Now that is sideways light!

Start paying attention to the direction of your light and watch your photos improve. In the second installment of the “It’s ALL about the light DIRECTION” we’ll look at the potentially terrifying “back-lit” situation and how to avoid it and then overcome it.

Be careful though. If you stick with me on these lighting tips you could become like me and be a slave to the light! Case in point: I’ve become such a light snob that I don’t even like talking to someone when they is extremely back-lit or the incandescent canister lights above them are creating deep shadows over their eyes. I just can’t shut it off! Help!

March 10, 2011
10 Mar 2011

Photographs this big* can change the world? (*not actual size)

Graffito photo art display from Palestine © JR.

I just saw this TED talk and thought you would be inspired by it also. A photographer friend (read: brilliant) of mine, Jeremy Cowart shared this and it showed up on my twitter feed. If you are new to TED talks, prepare to be impressed. TED is a nonprofit devoted to spotlighting “ideas worth spreading” that can help our world.

This 2011 TED winner from France started making what I would call photography graffiti to help change the world. We’re talking 20-foot graffiti prints in Palestine, vinyl prints that serve as roofs in the slums of Kibera, Kenya and more. He spoke about the power of story and how the people he’s met all over the world told him “please, make our story travel with you.” It somehow sounded better with his French accent. He also said, “Art can change the way we see the world. The fact that art cannot change things makes it a neutral place for exchanges and discussions and then enables you to change the world.” LOVE IT! Watch his TED talk presentation (which includes a few profanities) and get inspired!

Graffito photo art display from Kibera, Kenya © JR.

Can art turn the world inside out?

March 7, 2010
07 Mar 2010

Teaching in photojournalism Texas

April 22, 2009
22 Apr 2009


December 21, 2008
21 Dec 2008

Winter Solstice today yields beautiful light

Light bulletin/photo-nerd alert!!!!

Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. And for all of us in the northern hemisphere it will be the day with the best light morning through evening. (For those of you in the southern hemisphere don’t even think about taking a photo unless it’s within 60 minutes of sunrise or sunset.) So why is December 21 the best day for you to go out and take photographs during the day? Because the sun is the furthest south along the horizon as it will get all year. When the sun is close to the horizon it has a flattering “directional” quality (which is just one of six qualities of light.) Compare light low the horizon to light when the sun is directly overhead in the summer and photographs yield shadows over faces and others with “racoon eyes” because of the shadow over their eyes.

My head hurts! Enough science for one day! Another great thing about the Winter Solstice is that the sun will stay out a little bit longer each day! Expect the sun to set about 1-minute later each day from now until the Summer Solstace! Happy shooting!

P.S. This extends well beyond photography. It’s also fabulous day for a date with the love of your life. They will look especially fantastic all day long!

April 23, 2008
23 Apr 2008

Mark & Amy’s Wedding Celebration part III

Mark, as the groom you are entitled to a little face-time also. I really love this first picture of you. I sure had a lot of fun with you and your men making these photographs.

February 19, 2008
19 Feb 2008

Hello from Little Havana

“Castro resigned last night. I’m finding you a flight” my boss said in the message he left at 6:19 a.m. this morning. I didn’t pick up the phone and let him go to voice mail thinking it was a wrong number. (Steve if you are reading this I didn’t pick up because I didn’t have your home number stored in my phone–promise!) In a half-conscious-groggy-state I listened to the message with the nagging fear it wasn’t a wrong number.

At the paper we thought he might announce his resignation at the meeting of the Cuban National Assembly Sunday. Now I was booked for a nice relaxing Saturday flight for that story. Well, Castro wouldn’t be Castro if he didn’t throw a little wrench into it all. My boss found me an 8:25 a.m. flight and I was able to catch that one. It was a quick packing job I tell you. Now before you say I’m a slow packer and that would be more than enough time for you, keep in mind I have to pack a HD video camera, tripod, extra HDV camera, microphones, extra batteries, chargers, and then on top of that all my still photography gear. Oh yeah, clothes too! I was packed and ready to go out the door before we even had flight details finalized. I got to my gate as soon as they were boarding my zone. “This is where it gets fun” my boss said. Hah. It was definitely an adrenaline filled morning!

I can’t post any photographs yet because they will go for the paper tomorrow as well as online. The video is done now and will run with the story. Check it and the paper out tomorrow! Here’s to hoping for the front page!

***update. yes front page and the photograph above on A4.

Here is the story online and the video I shot, produced, and edited is on the top of the page. Many thanks to Alan Gomez, the USA TODAY reporter on the assignment with me for conducting some of my interviews in Spanish and then Spanish translation and a well-done English voice-over.

February 9, 2008
09 Feb 2008

Child Soldiers Now Artists with Hope

” ‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ ” – Jesus. Matthew 22:37-39

Tonight I was encouraged by the photography and work my friend Andrew Briggs is actively doing to help people in Uganda heal and reconcile with one another. He went back and forth to Uganda four times this past year and he began an organization called Freedom in Creation. Here is a man who is really living out the gospel of Christ and I am humbled by his loving obedience to God.

One of the main goals of Freedom in Creation is to help the children who were abducted and forced to become child soldiers to re-enter society. These children are largely stigmatized by society and not let back into their communities because of their real or perceived crimes. Briggs’ ministry aims to help these children heal through art classes as well as bringing the life-giving gift of a well to their poor communities that could never afford one themselves. Most in rural areas must walk miles and miles to get water that is often contaminated with cholera and many women are assaulted on the long walk. So the gift of a well with clean safe water is life-changing for that community. Money raised from the sale of the arts by these former child soldiers as well as donations from the U.S. and others funds the wells.

All the proceeds raised for Freedom in Creation go into the further development of the therapeutic art program as well as for fresh water wells.

Andrew Briggs really encouraged me to serve and love as Jesus modeled.

Andrew Briggs, left, and yours truly.

Your faithfulness to your calling and to God is such an encouragement to me Andrew. Thank you.

Bio & Event info as copied from the invite from tonights event which drew about 100 people.

Andrew Briggs’ photography gives you just a small glimpse of Africa and the plight of the people in Uganda. Through the children’s artwork you begin to see the lives they have lived, the pain they have suffered and the hope that has been restored.

Freedom in Creation is the organization that Andrew founded to help these children through artistic expression begin to heal from the trauma they have suffered.

Come view these two powerful exhibits, learn more about this cause and how you can support this life-changing work.

The exhibit will be on display at Providence through February courtesy of Andrew Briggs, The Washington Arts Group & Freedom in Creation.

The exhibit with his photographs and the children’s art is on display at Providence Church. You can find a map to the church here.

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