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January 28, 2014
28 Jan 2014

Mountain biking in the snow because you are a little crazy (off topic)

mountain biking in the snow

I am crazy about mountain biking. I have some crazy friends. Said crazy friends ride bikes of the mountain variety. The aforementioned crazy friends invited me ride in the snow. I said yes and I had a great time mountain biking in the snow. Correction, I had a great time mountain biking in a snowstorm. My big takeaways are that snow provides a lot more traction than you might think and snow is slow and therefore tiring. Not to mention how exhausting it is for your body to keep you alive in the elements. Thanks Matt for helping me be a little crazy!

June 29, 2011
29 Jun 2011

Sometimes I ride my bike

Sometimes I get to ride my bike. Sometimes I get to ride my bike with friends. Ryan is one such friend. Sometimes I rock the HD GoPro camera and mount it various places during my ride. Sometimes the camera catches a crash. This is one such time. Enjoy!

Riding bikes with Ryan from Garett Hubbard on Vimeo.

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