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January 22, 2015
22 Jan 2015

My first snow cone | 4K video production DC

Our daughter ate her first 100% organic snow cone today. Tonight when we left the house she asked to touch the snow. She reached down and grabbed it with both hands. Before I could blink, she was double-fisting the snow and trying to feed it to me. After her third bite she looked up at me and said “nummy”. Enjoy my latest 4K video production.

My first snow cone from Garrett Hubbard on Vimeo.


4K video production DC

February 18, 2014
18 Feb 2014

Chocolate Tour DC | DC Food Photography

I recently took my wife on a fantastic date. It two big things going for it. First, we went to Georgetown. Second, there was chocolate involved. Lots of chocolate! We went to seven of the finest places to get chocolate in Georgetown. Such a fantastic journey has been dubbed the Chocolate Tour of DC. and is run by Great Food Tours. Our tour group contained about a dozen chocolate fiends. They were from all walks of life, represented all age demographics, and they were quite pleasant as long as you didn’t get between them and a processed cocoa bean. Our fearless leader was Linda and she was personable, knowledgeable, and most importantly a lover of chocolate. During our two-hour and two-plus mile chocolate mission throughout Georgetown she showered us with chocolate wisdom and fun facts about each shop. Enough with the words already. I’ll let me photos finish the rest of the story. But you should know that the day I took these photos I was a husband first, chocolate connoisseur second, and lastly a photographer. So even if these aren’t my best photos I still think your sweet tooth make audible cries for attention.

I will be adding to this post as time permits. so come back to drool over more chocolates.

chocolate tour dc

Dark chocolate with raspberry ganache. Raspberry pate’ de fruit topped with dark chocolate raspberry ganache at Dean and Deluca in Georgetown, Washington, D.C.

chocolate tour dc

The landmark gold dome at the corner of M and Wisconsin in Georgetown. Washington, D.C.

chocolate tour dc

Sprinkles Cupcakes. More please.

chocolate tour dc

My bride indulges in a yummy treat from Marvelous Market.

chocolate tour dc

My bride with some chocolate Bobka at Marvelous Market.

chocolate tour dc

Chocolates never looked so good in boxes at Fleurir Hand Grown Chocolates. Artistry meets chocolate love.

chocolate tour dc

Godiva’s chocolate drizzled strawberries.

chocolate tour dc

Georgetown. Washington, D.C.

You can check out more info about other tours from the Great Food Tours website including the Cupcake & Macaron Tour of DC. I think I just planned my next date!


January 28, 2014
28 Jan 2014

Mountain biking in the snow because you are a little crazy (off topic)

mountain biking in the snow

I am crazy about mountain biking. I have some crazy friends. Said crazy friends ride bikes of the mountain variety. The aforementioned crazy friends invited me ride in the snow. I said yes and I had a great time mountain biking in the snow. Correction, I had a great time mountain biking in a snowstorm. My big takeaways are that snow provides a lot more traction than you might think and snow is slow and therefore tiring. Not to mention how exhausting it is for your body to keep you alive in the elements. Thanks Matt for helping me be a little crazy!

November 9, 2012
09 Nov 2012

I heart NY: How beautiful it is when your community loves.

On Monday about 150 people from my community came together to help people in Coney Island, NY struggling in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy by preparing 10,000 ready-made meals. This all started Wednesday when I made a phone call to Chris who is the senior graphic designer at Alliant Studios. After we had chatted about the soft launch of my new website he told me that the president of the studio, Kevin Frank, who wanted to talk to me about something. Kevin gets on the phone and goes on to tell me about his morning and how his basement was now dry after Hurricane Sandy, the sun was shining, and he was drinking his morning coffee less than 48 hours after the storm blew through the DC area. He shared with me that he just “didn’t feel right” that so many people in NY and NJ were struggling and here in DC life was back to normal. He then went on to tell me that he was going to do something about it and work with some of his clients to make it happen. Story continued below.

Fairfax Community Church donated the space complete with tons of windows for natural light–hallelujah! God kicked in some sunshine and fall colors.

Some of the generous folks who made this happen. From left: Cat Blakley of Pie Sisters, John Natolly, Owner/operator of the Chick-fil-A at Fairfax Circle, Kevin Frank, President of Alliant Studios, and Alli Blakley of Pie Sisters.

There’s something you should know about Kevin at this point in the story. First, he likes to dream. Second, he has a strong grasp of the big picture. Lastly, he likes his client relationships to go beyond the project. These are just a few of the reasons I hired Alliant to do my website and branding. You’ll notice my new logo watermarked in these photos.

Kevin and the team at Alliant reached out to some of their clients and found a way to make this happen. It is very cool how he partnered with all of his clients to make it happen. Check it out:
1. Kevin calls Ron at Generosity Feeds, an organization that mobilizes volunteers to make ready-made meals for children in need. Ron tells Kevin that each meal will cost about $1 and that it will take 150 volunteers about 2 hours to prepare 10,000 meals. Great organization, get involved!
2. Next, Kevin calls John who is Owner and Operator at the Chick-fil-A at Fairfax Circle. John agrees to provide snacks before and then feed all the volunteers afterward. 
3. Kevin then calls the sisters in Georgetown. No, not the Nuns–but that would have been cool–but Alli, Bear, and Cat Blakely who started Pie Sisters a few years ago. They offered to bring amazing “cuppie” pies (individual size) for everyone.
4. Later, Kevin calls the Pope. But I don’t know where that conversation went. Yes, I am kidding.

Somewhere between Wednesday and Monday about 150 people connected to all of these companies and organizations singed up to volunteer 2 hours of their day and donate 2000 bottles of water, propane stoves, and propane tanks. What did I do in all of this you ask? Take some photos and video and pitch the story to my colleagues at some of the largest news outlets in the country. They didn’t bite but WUSA Channel 9 did show up after the festivities and I was able to hand off my footage to them. I have posted a few of my favorite photos from the event below and the WUSA video is embedded below. This event appears after the 2:30 mark in the video.

Cute kids with a shirt that matches the message are bound to be photographed.

Ron Klabunde, CEO of Generosity Feeds preps the volunteers.
Many little hands contributed as Fairfax County Schools were out for the day. These girls were killing it!

These are the crazy awesome folks at Alliant Studios in front of the 10,000 ready-made meals. They took most of the day out of the office to make this event happen.
April 27, 2012
27 Apr 2012

A mother in need. Help us build a house in Haiti

“Blessed are those who mourn for they will be comforted.” -Jesus

I would like to invite you to help us fund raise to build a house for a woman in Haiti who lost her home in the earthquake and is living in a tent city. Below is a brief summary about the woman we met and details about how to get involved:
Our experience in Haiti can’t be summed up in a few quick sentences. Hopefully some of the photos below will illuminate what we experienced. This journey was one of contradictions.  It was difficult yet encouraging, sorrowful yet joyful, hot and steamy and still sticky at night!  We went there with a group of 25 other Americans for one week to listen to Haitian people tell us their stories, pray for those who wanted it, play with children in the largest tent city in Port Au Prince, and do small things like bring gifts to kids in three different orphanages. That is really the Cliff’s Notes of the Cliff’s Notes version of our trip there.

During our visit to the tent city we met 54 year-old Presume Yves Rose who was watching her neighbors baby in her 10×10 dirt floored tent. We learned that Presume’s home crumbled during the devastating earthquake of 2010 and she’s been living in the country’s largest tent city ever since with her 23 year-old daughter, Riche Santhia. After a little asking we learned that she already owns land for a house but lacks the resources to have a new home built. Since our visit there, we have been in contact with one of the translators from our team, Pierre Duclair, (You can friend him on Facebook!) who is a local pastor in the area. We told him about our desire to build Presume a home and he has offered to oversee our project.

 Presume and her daughter Riche outside their tent in Port Au Prince, Haiti. Pierre just sent me this photos.

We are reaching out to friends and family to help us raise $700 dollars to build Presume’s home. Do you want to help? Before you commit, we want to be completely up-front about the risks that may be involved. There are a lot of ways our fundraising efforts could go wrong (since we’re dependent on our local contact) but in many ways it could be more effective than giving to a larger, vetted organization. On the positive side we know a charity is not taking a large percentage of our donation for their overhead. And we know the money will go directly towards this project.  I’ve tried to ask the right questions as I go about this to make sure our money goes directly towards Presume’s home. However, there is no way to be completely certain and this is the risk we run, myself included as I will be giving towards this as well. I do feel good about having Pierre handle this for us. We trust him. We spent our entire week with him as well as some other Haitians who helped our team as translators and we were impressed with how he treated us, the kids we played with, and his peers. He is a kind man with a big heart to love people like he says God has loved him.

Here’s how you can get involved!

1.  Donate via PayPal. Send to garretthubbard at gmail. (Paypal will a 3% transaction fee)
2. We’ll send you an email to confirm receipt of payment.
3. Stay abreast of donation tallies and the latest developments on this blog.

Next Steps:
1) Raise $700 and wire transfer it to Pierre who will hire locals to build the home in about a month’s time. (He has committed to taking photos of the project so we can see the work being done.)
2) We’ll post all updates here.
3) At the end we’ll share photos and do a final recap here.

Here we are playing with children during our visit to the tent city. Many of the kids were without shoes, walking along the dirt and raw sewage on the road.

A boy bathing at the tent city. Disease and sickness is rampant in these tight living conditions.

My bride and her new pals in Haiti’s largest tent city.

Pierre is the guy on the right with the huge smile (green shirt) who will be helping us build a house for Presume to get her out of the tent city.

I got to do some coloring with these little guys after we passed out coloring books and made bracelets.

Children from the neighborhood came to meet and watch our team as they acted out skits for the kids in the neighborhood.

One of my favorite photos.  This was on our way up a steep hillside to see construction of a new home.  
Our team of 25 walking through the streets of Carrefour, about 15 miles from the capital, Port Au Prince.

Final Thoughts.
-Every dollar that comes in will go back out. We will not be taking money out of any of these donations for ourselves.
-We are not a not for profit 501(c)3 entity. Therefore, your donations are not tax deductible.
-Even with as much as we’ve prepared and planned, we all could get scammed on this. If you are uncomfortable with this risk, please don’t give.
-If we raise more than $700 for this project the remaining money will be given to support another project like this in Haiti. If Peirre does not find other people who want help getting out of the tent city then we will be giving the money to David’s Hope which seeks to bring sustainable development and life change to people in Eburru, Kenya. It was started by many of our friends and spearheaded by Jeff Trexel in the basement of our house. Our connections to David’s Hope continues with of our friends, Kevin Wiley, whom many of you know has been involved with David’s Hope for three years now and has gone over there to volunteer and use his gifts of photography to help the people of Eburru, Kenya. More info here.

August 4, 2011
04 Aug 2011

Happy Birthday my love

Today is my bride’s birthday. I did a few special things to serve her including breakfast in bed. Oh, and a fun gift!

Pecan french toast with chicken sausage and strawberries by chef G.

A fashionable gift for my wife. She loved them. The best part is that someone else in the world in need of shoes will also get a pair. Tom’s Shoes 1 for 1 program is a business model that blesses others. Love it!

April 11, 2011
11 Apr 2011

Meeting the President with a high five

Obama had bigger hands than I had expected.

Last Monday I had the privilege of making a visit the Oval Office to meet President Obama. I was invited because I won first place in the 2011 Eyes of History contest through the White House News Photographers Association ( About 25 photojournalists, video journalists, and video editors were honored for their first-place finishes in their perspective categories. My award was for how I see & capture light—seriously. We as photographers take light really seriously. Remember my previous post which included my confession of being a light snob? In these types of photography competitions they reward light-snobbery with visits to shake hands with The President. Check out my winning entry

This was my first time in the Oval Office and definitely my first time shaking hands with The President. Some of us were cool and collected going in as this was commonplace for them, and others were nervous which included an admonition of sweaty hands. I got to see my friends from NPR, The Washington Post, as well as make a new friend at The Baltimore Sun.

Meeting President Obama with a high-five from Garett Hubbard on Vimeo.

Here is a breakdown of my video of in the White House
Scene 1: Our fearless WHNPA leaders organized us in alphabetical order in the White House briefing room
Scene 2: Waiting in the halls outside of the Oval Office
Scene 3: Walking in to shake Obama’s hand
Scene 4: After our group photo we presented Obama with a gift (Referent:
Shirtless Obama photo)
Scene 5: Exit stage right to the White House rose garden and back into the White House briefing room

But back to shaking Obama’s hand. They were the kind of hands you would associate with a generous man or a man who is very gentle and much taller. On my way out of the Oval Office Obama said “I’ll never forget our time together” and we all laughed. I then tried to move closer to The President so I could ask him something. Once I got close enough I asked “Mr. President, do you give high fives?” Without hesitation he put his hand up and said “yeah” and I high fived the President of The United States. A few others next to me did the same and President Obama said “and fist-bumps too!”

What a fun experience! Coolest first-prize award ever.

April 23, 2010
23 Apr 2010

Surprise on The Hill

It was so gorgeous outside for my shoot today for World Vision & Genesis Photos on Capitol Hill.
A seemingly normal day until you-know-who showed up : )

Simmons jumped on the chance to sing to the oldies–‘America the Beautiful’–when he saw this choir group on the steps of the Capitol.

In all seriousness, Simmons had such a great attitude and so much charisma–contageous actually. He helped support the Fit Kids Act which just passed yesterday and was up here to celebrate and continue to raise awareness about the importance of exercise and healthy living.

February 14, 2010
14 Feb 2010

Vancouver Valentines 2010

Happy Valentines from Vancouver. Here are two little love stories from Vancouver. No captions necessary. Enjoy.

February 6, 2010
06 Feb 2010

Bring the calm: Winter blizzard 2010

A few sights and thoughts from the comfort of my home in the middle of the largest snowstorm/blizzard or “snowmageddon” as we are calling it after all the news media hype.

My neighbor walks above what used to be our parking spots. It looks like we have gotten 22-inches as of 11 a.m. Saturday February 6, 2010. That bit of red is my neighbors kayak peeking out from on top of his car. © Garrett Hubbard

The snow comes and continues to wrap my world in a quietness that I love. Maybe it’s the slowdown of life that I long for which is in short supply in D.C. and often in my life as well. You see our city is consumed by the busyness because we have this seemingly unquenchable thirst for achievement and success. Sometimes, I can’t seem to help myself and find that I become a little like my surroundings. For example, I will be at home for four days in the month of February and the rest of the days I will be on the road on assignments. That makes living life and loving my friends and community a bit more difficult. Over the past two-and-a-half years in D.C. I’ve taken great steps to cut down on the projects I take on to make sure that I live my life without regrets. I’ve chosen to work less, earn less, and give more. This has brought a contentment, peace, and joy to my life and I’m looking forward to living 2010 in the same way. Thankfully my schedule in February is the exception more than the rule.

Before you mourn my loss of the month of February, please realize that the tears I wipe away may seem like crocodile tears to you since it is the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver that takes me away. I’ll be sharing more Olympic related photos soon.

The view from my back deck. Correction, this is the view from inside my warm house looking over my back deck as of 11 a.m. Saturday February 6, 2010. © Garrett Hubbard

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