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January 16, 2015
16 Jan 2015

Tiffani & Matt | Chesapeake Bay Wedding at The Oaks Waterfront Inn

Working with clients like Matt & Tiffani reminds me why I love telling wedding stories.  The professional relationship was easy, they were fun to talk to, they loved great photography, and they welcomed me into their family.  Tiffani’s family treated me like I was their friend who had lived a few houses down on their street.  This started when I first met Tiffani and her family when I was photographing her sister’s wedding about 5 years ago.  I went on to photograph one of her sister’s friend’s wedding a few years later. This is what is so fun about my job. I am invited into a couple’s life for a season to capture one of the most important days of their life.  I get to tell the story they will experience for the rest of their lives. Oh yeah, and somewhere along the way I make new friends. Alas, here are some of my favorites from Matt & Tiffani’s Chesapeake Bay wedding.

The Wedding Team

Reception: The Oaks Waterfront Inn Tracey George 410-745-5053
Catering: The Oaks Waterfront Inn
Florists: Seasonal Flowers (410) 476-3255
Premier DJ Services  Dan Huynh (571) 264-3421
Photography: Garrett & Lexey of GH Studios 202.316.2676

chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_01 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_02 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_03 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_04 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_05 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_06 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_07 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_08 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_09 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_10 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_11 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_12 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_13 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_14 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_15 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_16 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_17 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_18 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_19 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_20 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_21 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_22 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_23 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_24 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_25 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_26 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_27 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_28 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_29 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_30 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_31 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_32 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_33 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_34 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_35 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_36 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_37 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_38 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_39 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_40 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_41 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_42 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_43 chesapeake_bay_wedding_the_oaks_44

We heart Chesapeake Bay weddings!

October 8, 2013
08 Oct 2013

Shenandoah Country Club Wedding: Joseph and Heather’s first look

A little sneak peek from Joseph and Heather’s Shenandoah Country Club wedding from yesterday at the Shenandoah Valley Golf Club. Congrats you two! There are more photos plus over a hundred of your crazy photo booth pictures on their picture website.

13 Negron Brumley

01 Negron Brumley 02 Negron Brumley 03 Negron Brumley 04 Negron Brumley 05 Negron Brumley 06 Negron Brumley 07 Negron Brumley 08 Negron Brumley 09 Negron Brumley 10 Negron Brumley 11 Negron Brumley 12 Negron Brumley

August 16, 2011
16 Aug 2011

The future of wedding storytelling.

As a visual storyteller I want you to feel connected to every story that I tell, just as if you were there. I’ve been thinking about how to better do this for my wedding clients and I was reminded of what a friend of mine, who is a Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalist, said “I don’t care how I reach you, only that I do.” This means embracing new tools beyond the still photograph and look at what is on the leading edge of storytelling for photojournalists. This means motion, sound, and most importantly this means story. So I’ve combined the poignancy of the still image and the intimacy of video to tell Jeremy and Meghan’s wedding story. I see this as the future for all who consider themselves a wedding storyteller. I’m ready for the future and I’m loving it.

Jeremy & Meghan’s Wedding Story

December 18, 2008
18 Dec 2008

John & Trang’s Wedding Pictures part III – The bride & groom

Part I of John & Trang’s wedding photographs focussed on the bride. Part II centered on the groom, and now without further adu I give you the final installment–the bride and groom together celebrating their marriage. Their wedding was celebrated at the Hyatt Regency on the Chesapeake bay in Cambridge, Maryland. It was a beautiful day! Enjoy!

November 11, 2008
11 Nov 2008

John & Trang’s Wedding Pictures part II – The land of men

Now for a few from the men’s corner. I love this first photograph of Johnny and his groomsmen! Our shoot totally relaxed and fun–my favorite!

*** a sneak peak of the bride and groom together! ***
November 11, 2008
11 Nov 2008

John & Trang’s Wedding Celebration part I

Some weddings are just plain fun–through and through. This was the case with Trang & Johnny’s wedding late this summer. The great time we had during their early morning engagement session should have been a hint for me. There are countless factors that make wedding celebrations fun. Instead of trying to list them all out I’m just going to try and show that in some of the pictures of Trang and the ladies. Johnny and the men are next.

Trang and her sisters–the epitome of fun!

One of my favorite bouquet toss photos of all time.
September 8, 2008
08 Sep 2008

TJ & Heather: Part 3

Heather (the bride) sent me such a sweet note last night to remind me how much she is enjoying her wedding photographs. She gave me permission to share a little of it with all of you. Enjoy!

“I can’t tell you how happy we are both with all the pictures. You will also be happy to know my Dad is also a big fan!! We are so blessed to not only have you as a friend, but you got to share in one of the most precious moments in our lives…and you saw it from both sides. We will be forever thankful for you capturing the day so perfectly. When I saw part two a bit ago I couldn’t believe it. I have seen these pictures multiple times and never put all of them together! People have told me by looking at the pictures they felt as though they were there (I tried to convince them of the heat factor as well but really didn’t work well!)”


I’m so glad you’re being richly blessed by my pictures! Yes, it was so hot that day. I would venture to say it was even “India hot” as one of my professors from photography school would say (India during August is the hottest place I’ve ever been in the world.) Here is the last group of my personal favorites from your wedding. I hope everyone else enjoys them half as much as I enjoyed telling your wedding story.


– Garrett

September 8, 2008
08 Sep 2008

TJ & Heather: Part 2

I had the luxury of spending twelve hours with TJ and Heather on their wedding day. This gave me some time for some unique photographs that I know will add an awesome creative element to their wedding album. The first six photographs were before the wedding and before they had seen each other. So they were shot at different times so it took some pre-visualization to make sure I got it all to line up.

September 6, 2008
06 Sep 2008

TJ & Heather: Part 1

Enough stories about politics and hurricanes! Lets get back on track with the wedding stories. What better way to jump back into wedding storytelling than with TJ and Heather’s awesome wedding held at the breathtakingly beautiful Veritas Vineyards nestled at the feet of the Shenandoah mountains near Charlottesville, Va. This wedding was so beautiful for many reasons. Too many to mention in words, so I’ll let some photographs from their wedding story speak into the beauty of this day. Stay tuned! I have two more follow-up posts of TJ and Heather to come!

February 27, 2008
27 Feb 2008

Wedding in the Carolinas :: Part 3

Here is the final group of photographs from this wedding celebration. Enjoy!

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