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January 14, 2015
14 Jan 2015

Quyen & Adam | DC Cherry Blossom Wedding at Artisphere

We were delighted to capture Quyen and Adam’s wedding story. The cherry blossoms at the tidal basin in DC were in peak bloom!  I first met them at their friend’s wedding a few years ago. I was shooting that wedding and they were so pleased with the results that they decided to hire us. A lot of our clients come to us this way and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Here’s a glimpse into their pictures from their ceremony at St. Timothy’s Catholic Church in Chantilly to their pictures from Artisphere in Arlington. One of the photos of the bride among the DC cherry blossoms made Huffington Post’s Must See Wedding photos of 2014. Pretty much your perfect DC Cherry Blossom wedding!

The Wedding Team

Artisphere: Jasmine Gillison 703.875.1125
Spilled Milk Catering Amit Gulati  202.525.6455
DJ Stereo Faith.  202.306.3055
Photography: Garrett & Greg of GH Studios 202.316.2676

dc_cherry_blossom_wedding_photos_01 dc_cherry_blossom_wedding_photos_02 dc_cherry_blossom_wedding_photos_03 dc_cherry_blossom_wedding_photos_04 dc_cherry_blossom_wedding_photos_05 dc_cherry_blossom_wedding_photos_06 dc_cherry_blossom_wedding_photos_07dc_cherry_blossom_wedding_photos_08 dc_cherry_blossom_wedding_photos_09 dc_cherry_blossom_wedding_photos_10 dc_cherry_blossom_wedding_photos_11 dc_cherry_blossom_wedding_photos_12 dc_cherry_blossom_wedding_photos_13 dc_cherry_blossom_wedding_photos_14 artisphere_wedding_photos_15 artisphere_wedding_photos_16 artisphere_wedding_photos_17 artisphere_wedding_photos_18 artisphere_wedding_photos_19artisphere_wedding_photos_20 artisphere_wedding_photos_21 artisphere_wedding_photos_22 artisphere_wedding_photos_23 artisphere_wedding_photos_24 artisphere_wedding_photos_25 artisphere_wedding_photos_26 artisphere_wedding_photos_27 artisphere_wedding_photos_28 artisphere_wedding_photos_29 artisphere_wedding_photos_30 artisphere_wedding_photos_31 artisphere_wedding_photos_32 artisphere_wedding_photos_33 artisphere_wedding_photos_34 artisphere_wedding_photos_35 artisphere_wedding_photos_36 artisphere_wedding_photos_37 artisphere_wedding_photos_38 dc cherry blossom wedding photos

April 17, 2013
17 Apr 2013

DC Engagement Photos: Chris and Jessica.

Chris and Jessica’s sunrise engagement session at the tidal basin was another super early morning where it paid off to sacrifice my beauty rest for the sake of great light. We made the rounds at the tidal basin and The Jefferson Memorial. So when the garbage crew parked their truck in the background of our photos we turned the problem into the solution–a garbage glam session. I love it when my clients are willing laugh at the serendipity of life with me. I’m really looking forward to their wedding at Dahlgren Chapel at Georgetown University with their reception at The Anderson House. It will be a lot of fun to capture their roaring 20’s theme.



dc_engagement_photos_05A dc_engagement_photos_03A dc_engagement_photos_02A dc_engagement_photos_06A dc_engagement_photos_01A
Many thanks to Jessica’s wonderful dad Jay for capturing a photo of me lying down on the job!

Garrett working during engagement Jefferson memorial

DC Engagement Photos


April 9, 2013
09 Apr 2013

DC Engagement photos: Jason and Anna

Fact: Spring arrived fashionably late for 2013.

Fact: The Cherry Blossoms followed suit.

Fact: You can’t take a bad photo of Jason and Anna.

The Cherry blossoms are finally at peak after at least a 10-day delay. So get out there in the next few days to take in the sights. Hopefully they will withstand Thursday’s predicted rain so I can capture them in my next session this weekend with Chris and Jessica.

cherry-blossom-engagement-photos-03cherry-blossom-engagement-photos-04tidal-basin-engagement-photos-01 tidal-basin-engagement-photos-02  cherry-blossom-engagement-photos-06 cherry-blossom-engagement-photos-05
DC engagement photos

June 15, 2010
15 Jun 2010

An Engagement: David & Lyndsi part 2

I know I told you I’d put these up a long while ago. So sorry for the delay. I’ve been quite occupied with telling some awesome wedding stories and living life.

April 23, 2010
23 Apr 2010

Surprise on The Hill

It was so gorgeous outside for my shoot today for World Vision & Genesis Photos on Capitol Hill.
A seemingly normal day until you-know-who showed up : )

Simmons jumped on the chance to sing to the oldies–‘America the Beautiful’–when he saw this choir group on the steps of the Capitol.

In all seriousness, Simmons had such a great attitude and so much charisma–contageous actually. He helped support the Fit Kids Act which just passed yesterday and was up here to celebrate and continue to raise awareness about the importance of exercise and healthy living.

April 20, 2010
20 Apr 2010

An Engagement: David & Lyndsi part 1

I confess! I’ve been hanging onto these totally fun engagement photos for a while now. I want to share David & Lyndsi’s photos with you. I had a great time with them and I am so pleased with how they came out. Many thanks to David & Lyndsi for an awesome engagement session in the District.

stay tuned for part II : )

April 5, 2010
05 Apr 2010

A White House Easter

This little dude was stoked! Mi photo favorito. Garrett Hubbard/USA TODAY ©2010

What a beautiful day for this year’s White House Easter Egg Roll. Would you believe that there were 30,000 people in attendance with people from all 50 states? Yes, crazy I know. Enjoy the photos!

March 22, 2010
22 Mar 2010

D.C. Afterglow

The city is aglow one the night of a historic health care vote. Lord be in the House of Congress tonight. Photo taken @ 7:51 p.m. Sunday March 21, 2010.

January 8, 2010
08 Jan 2010

Engagement photo contest: THE FINALISTS

The pictures have been shared, agonized over, the votes have been cast and the finalists have been selected. Now it’s time to choose the grand prize winner. Many thanks to all of you who voted, to the fantastic wedding planners at District Weddings and Engaging Affairs for posting our contest on their blogs, and most importantly to my awesome clients. I have enjoyed reading all your comments and learning what you like the most! Without further ado, here are the four finalists you voted on over the past four days.

Vote for your favorite photograph by clicking on the “Comment” text below photograph 4 & be sure to identify yourself. You may also comment on my note on my Facebook page. Cast your vote by Sunday evening at midnight eastern and the couple with the winning photograph will get a $50 Pictage gift certificate they can use toward archival prints, books, albums, or whatever their heart desires. To my four great couples below, you all are beautiful. Thank you for inviting me into your lives to tell your story! Good luck!

Meghan & Jeremy with the cherry blossoms at the tidal basin. Married July 25, 2009.
More of their engagement photos here.

Michelle & Brandon on the national mall with the Capitol building. Married May 23, 2009.
More of their engagement photos here.


Elyse & Matt on the national mall with the Washington monument. Married September 19, 2009. More of their engagement photos here.


Christina & Cris along the tidal basin near the Potomic river. To be married in 2010.
More of their engagement photos here.

Photographers note: I will excuse myself from voting on the finalists : )

December 26, 2009
26 Dec 2009

Merry Christmas from Washington D.C.

The National Christmas Tree in front of The White House (in background) in Washington, D.C. on Christmas Eve, 2009. Photo Garrett Hubard © 2009
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